Data Backup

When you join our data backup and disaster recovery programmes, View IT Support guarantees your data safety and recovery.

View IT Support adapts the most efficient and secured (military level encryption) technology to encrypt your data and back it up automatically without any hassle for the business owner. You have the option to back up your data offline, online or both. Should disaster strike, our specialised engineers guarantee that your data will be restored to the last available backup, swiftly at no extra cost.

“We don’t just backup your data, when disaster strikes be it fire, flood or theft we restore it at no extra cost.” To discuss, please Contact us

What you see is what you pay, no hidden charges and 100% guaranteed

Backup Type Annual
Homes users Per 1 Computer £49.99
Business users 1 Computer £99.99
Server Backup 500GB £499.99
Server Backup 1TB £599.99
Server Backup 1.5TB £699.99
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Anything above 1.5TB call us 080 8178 9719

How often does one take out insurance never expecting to use it. For months now View IT has managed my daily back-up download off-site. Included in their service is ‘Disaster Recovery’, so one thinks Fire/Theft/Flood etc…. Well last week my new Lenovo (IBM) Laptop went back for a Warranty repair to the keyboard. On this computer –which as I say is backed up daily by View IT- there are all my software programmes to run my business as well as thousands of irreplaceable and important files. Guess what Lenovo, without warning or permission, did? They wiped my computer of ALL software and ALL files, which I discovered when they returned the repaired computer. As soon as this became apparent I rang View IT- View IT requested that I bring the Computer in (on a Saturday), and a few hours later gave me back the computer restored to the day I sent the Computer to Lenovo, software and files all installed (Free of charge). So “Thank you View IT” and anyone reading this- I suggest you sign up for the View IT back-up and check with your computer’s repair company whether they will ‘clean’ your computer or not!

Anthony C Marangos
Managing Consultant Carpenter,
Marangos & Co.
London W1B 3HH