ViewIT support is a most wonderful service: imaginative, scrupulous and caring and professional. They create brilliant websites, and provide perfect, quick and thorough aftercare.

Author Ruth Padel

View IT Support took over our IT maintenance 8 years ago and acted as our IT department for all our IT needs from helpdesk to website design and hosting. Since then we have peace of mind knowing that there is a strong team of experts always at the other end of the telephone line and can be onsite within hours when we need them. We are now using all View’s services: Maintenance, Backup, Remote Access to our PCs, CmailMe, Website Design and Hosting. We are extremely happy to stay with View and would recommend their services to anyone who need to outsource their IT department without too much of investment.

Dr. L. Hepner
L.Hepenr & Associates

As an accountancy practice it’s essential that our IT systems are always running smoothly at all times especially given the deadlines one faces in today’s world. We have been using View IT Support as our IT Department for more than 5 years and they have solved many problems for us quickly and efficiently in that time. They are always very responsive and readily available and it’s a relief to know that they are available to support us. I look forward to that relationship continuing.

Bernard Gross - Winston Gross & Company(Chartered Accountants) www.winstongross.co.uk

How often does one take out insurance never expecting to use it. For months now View IT has managed my daily back-up download off-site. Included in their service is ‘Disaster Recovery’, so one thinks Fire/Theft/Flood etc…. Well last week my new Lenovo (IBM) Laptop went back for a Warranty repair to the keyboard. On this computer –which as I say is backed up daily by View IT- there are all my software programmes to run my business as well as thousands of irreplaceable and important files. Guess what Lenovo, without warning or permission, did? They wiped my computer of ALL software and ALL files, which I discovered when they returned the repaired computer. As soon as this became apparent I rang View IT- View IT requested that I bring the Computer in (on a Saturday), and a few hours later gave me back the computer restored to the day I sent the Computer Lenovo, software and files all installed (Free of charge).
So “Thank you View IT” and anyone reading this- I suggest you sign up for the View IT back-up and check with your computer’s repair company whether they will ‘clean’ your computer or not!

Anthony C Marangos
Managing Consultant Carpenter,
Marangos & Co.
London W1B 3HH

Camden High Street Dental Practice is extremely busy dealing with patients all year round providing the highest standard of services. To keep this level of service all the time we rely on technology. View IT Support acts as our IT Department and has a proven record in making this possible. We joined View IT Support in 2005 and ever since IT-related problems have become a thing of the past. We will definitely continue using their invaluable services and recommend them to others.

Dr. M. Mobasari ( Owner) camdenhighstreetpractice.co.uk

As a professional writer I can't afford to have my computer crash. I can say hand on heart View IT Support never allows this to happen. For several years I have used View IT Support services including Remote Support and Remote Access to my PC when I am away, I can only describe them as a truly professional company with superb service whenever I need. I highly recommend View to any business or individual who needs honest, professional, and fast IT Support.

John Healy www.thegrassarena.net

As owner of the very successful Meer Fashions store I found it imperative to target a wider area of customers by moving our business online. View IT Support was recommended to us and we could not have chosen a better service provider from initial meetings all the way to the completion of our project. The whole team at View demonstrated to be very understanding about our needs and extremely impressive in their communication and very accurate in delivering their promises and deliveries of the project. Now we have a very impressive and fully functional website that we entirely rely on for our online business. View IT Support also gave us peace of mind by hosting the site for us,

Mr. M. Meer, Owner and SEO of Meer Fashions , www.meerfashion.com

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