CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera

  • Reliable: To run for a long time without breaking down and to have quality images from the cameras
  • Easy to setup: Not to dig streets or stretch cables, setup everything in the labs in the UK, test and quality assured before bringing it to Duhok. This way it will take a minimum time to install all the equipment and guarantees all works to the requirements
  • Wi-Fi capability (3G &4G): The system will be capable of handling new generation of the Wi-Fi
  • Scalable: The system can be expanded in the future and we can add more nodes as and when it is required and can be extended to the subdistricts of the city of Duhok)
  • Secure: The system has encryption to military security standards and …………..( thismakes sure that hacking is impossible and no penetration for eavesdropping and spoofing.
  • Multifunction and multipurpose: The system can be used for Police, Fire, Traffic, Security and Hospitals etc. It can also be used for other purposes such as Wi-Fi hotspots. Possibility of generating revenue etc.
  • Monitoring: The system will have several 24/7 Control Rooms where events can be monitored and it can be programmed to trigger alarms where an incidents is detected.
  • Mobility: As well as monitoring on the screens in control rooms the system can be viewable and controllable via Web and Mobile devices such as iPad Mobile Phones etc.
  • Easy redeployment: Because the system is wireless it can easily be removed from one place and redeployed to another.
  • Fail-safe: The equipment operates on low power and can easily be connected to solar power in case there is a power failure.
  • Redundancy: The nodes in the network are self-healing i.e if one goes down the network doesn’t fail and it will just find an alternative route to send data.
  • Storage of images( data): There is a data centre where all images are stored for upto say 40 days for future retrieval.
  • Can be delivered on time and budget

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